Learning the Mac OS X Terminal, Part 2
Subject:   mail relay
Date:   2002-03-10 12:31:45
From:   sinebubble
Great article, Chris. One question, however.
Instead of having mail delivered locally, I would prefer to have it sent to a different address. However, when I try to send to my mailserver, I get a relay deny because my Mac OS X box sets my host as "localhost" (regardles that I set i in with Cwcytosine and I set relay accept on my mail server access.db). Typically I would get around this by using genericstable rewrites with M4, but this isn't Solaris and I'm not interested in recompiling sendmail or m4 on my box to get it to use dbm. Any ideas on a solution?

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  1. mail relay
    2002-03-11 21:08:43  magill [View]

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