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Subject:   Mac-X
Date:   2002-03-11 06:26:59
From:   rskyberg
I work at a large newspaper as team leader for publishing support. We have to make Macs work in a high-stress, maximum uptime environment. Once OS-X was announced, we immediately began researching it, finding out it flaws and weaknesses (Few major publishing apps out Native); how it will impact our work, and what will be needed to implement it 'across the board'. All of us in the support side LOVE X! We hate switching back to 9. It offers a robust server, integrated security features (IE: we can 'lock down' stuff that we dont want 'idiots in the newsrooms' to mess with), and a 'slick' interface. Our X-boxes have nary a crash, our OS-X server has not crashed (EVER!); and our lives ARE changing.... for the better. Once the big-boys of Publishing (photoshop, quark, etc) release past the ' Dot-0" release, we are switching.
(Even our IT director, a diehard Wintel geek, wants a TiBook. He's gonna get one, but its a hand-me-down.... ;) )
- RbS

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