Art and Computer Programming
Subject:   Indeed it's art
Date:   2005-07-05 20:41:12
From:   tonywilliams
I, too, program like Paul Graham. Most of the great programmers from whom I have learnt program exactly the same way - they just pproduce better code on the first pass than I do (g).

A nomination for art I've seen? Unix design was an example of art. The power of "everything is a file" and the concept of a pipe are pure art. I have recently been reading the O'Reilly title "Classic Shell Scripting" and it has examples of combining those two principles to produce amazing software - such as a spell checker in a single pipe.

Rael Dornfest's original version of Blosxom was art. Blog software in a very small number of lines of Perl that used simplicity, the power of Perl and the facilities of the underlying OS. Since then the refinements and improvements have been like the final polish of a sculpture.

# Tony