Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 2
Subject:   CGI - ScriptAliasMatch
Date:   2002-03-11 17:05:32
From:   morbus
Response to: CGI - ScriptAliasMatch

kenyatta, the error that you're seeing isn't related to what you're doing with the ScriptAliasMatch - the error seems to be pretty common (a number of other people have told me about it). I can't duplicate it, and I've never seen the error before. I haven't had the time to Google for an answer either.

Regardless, based on what you've got for ScriptAliasMatch, you should be all set for Perl scripts (I've yet to run across a production level tcsh script to run over CGI).

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  1. CGI - ScriptAliasMatch (THANKS!!)
    2002-03-11 17:24:41  kenyatta [View]

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