An Introduction to Tiger Terminal, Part 3
Subject:   ifconfig annoyance
Date:   2005-07-06 10:30:18
From:   Thrint
I support both Macs and PCs and one of the few annoyances on the Mac side is the output of the ifconfig -a command. I want a human readable (IE not HEX) output of the eintire configuration. IE IP address, mask, gateway/router, dns servers ets. Just like you would get issuing the DOS command IPCONFIG /ALL.

From time to time I have noticed people who post rather extensive commands that pipe thru AWK/SED or some such to get the output. Which would be simple enough to alias to on my own Mac but damn near impossible to do on Mom's Mac, etc.

any simple solutions to getting non hex output out of ifconfig?

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  1. ifconfig annoyance
    2005-07-06 20:22:18  norburym [View]

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