An Introduction to Tiger Terminal, Part 3
Subject:   Small fix
Date:   2005-07-06 12:52:01
From:   hexghost
In the first page, this paragraph:
To see how many packets are moving through my active 
network interface (my Airport card, in this case) and how
many errors are occurring, I'd run netstat -I en1 -w 5
where -I en1 indicates my active interface and -w 5 tells
netstat to update ("wait") the display every five seconds.
You can quit the command by using the key combination,
control-Z (^Z):

That will merely suspend the job, as the screen shot shows,
which means its going to sit in the background until the
terminal app is closed. A more appropriate quit command
is control-C.

Also, as for Thrint's comment about ifconfig's output being
in "hex": the only thing in "hex" is the MAC address of the
interfaces and the netmasks. The rest is plain english
(well, maybe not plain).

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