An Introduction to Tiger Terminal
Subject:   Password screen saver
Date:   2005-07-06 22:42:31
From:   Qo'noS
Response to: Password screen saver

Workaround for the problem described here:

If you have a second administrator account set up, and you have "Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screen saver" enabled, you can log in to your second account and kill the process from there. To do this:

1) Type Control-Eject. This brings up the Shut Down/Restart/etc. confirmation dialog.
2) Type the letter S. That will activate the Sleep button in the dialog, putting the computer to sleep.
3) Wake the computer back up. When the password dialog appears, click Switch User, log into your other admin account, and kill the process from there.


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  1. Password screen saver
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