Creating a Color Meter Using Cocoa
Subject:   Why setFloatvalue:sender?
Date:   2002-03-12 10:09:28
From:   spiffyman
Response to: builds... but still problems.

I realize that you probably will never see this message, because I'm posting it some eight months after the original post, but for future record (and others who're having this problem), I don't think you're supposed to say setFloatValue:sender OR setFloatValue:[sender floatValue]] -- if you'll recall, blueValue (greenValue, etc.) is already defined, so you tell it to setFloatValue:blueValue.

I'm not an expert at C++ by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm finding that learning Objective-C is FAR easier than learning C++. I'm used to C++'s syntax, but, eh, I'll get used to Obj-C before long.

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  1. Why setFloatvalue:sender?
    2002-03-12 10:13:30  spiffyman [View]

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