How to End Wars Between Testers and Programmers
Subject:   The hardest thing in engineering...
Date:   2005-07-08 18:18:50
From:   nathan strange knowing if your answer is the right one. Too many engineers (software and otherwise) come out of school expecting that all they have to do is complete the work and someone else will grade it form them. Trouble is that it's not cost effective to hire a team of graders for every task.

Just being able to do difficult tasks isn't enough, real engineers need to know how to verify and test their work so that they can stand behind it. If you instill a culture of such engineering values, the cost of testing goes way down. And an engineer with such values will not be hostile to someone who finds flaws in their work, but grateful because finding such flaws is often harder than the work was originally.

Such values are common practice among engineers designing bridges and airplanes... disciplines where the cost of failure is human lives. If software engineers could make such values common practice, the cost of software development would decline dramatically while quality would increase.