How to End Wars Between Testers and Programmers
Subject:   I vote "Yes"
Date:   2005-07-10 00:01:38
From:   JanSchenkel
Response to: RE: I do not get it?

While I understand some of the sentiment that this does not necessarily belong on a Mac-focused site for developers, I think it is very important for programmers to keep an open mind and learn about other aspects of their job.
Granted, this information could be found elsewhere, but I'm happy to see (links to) articles that help broaden my perspective -- especially in areas that all too often pile stress onto what is already a demanding line of work.
One of my habits is to skim a collection of websites to see if they've recently added any interesting stories. I'm sure my list could be expanded and corrected, but I also have limited time to digest all the information out there.
So I'm happy that MacDevCenter is one of the sites that goes the extra mile, as I like to do for my clients. And whether it's an article about XCode, RealBasic or Revolution, I always learn something new and interesting to apply in the future.
In short: please keep adding this line of articles, as it aims to help us all -- even if we're too busy to realize it right away.