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Subject:   RE: And this has what to do with Macs?
Date:   2005-07-10 04:51:56
From:   iconara
Response to: RE: And this has what to do with Macs?

I'm not saying that we would be less interested, just that this isn't a mac topic, it's much broader than that. Had it been in the WindowsDevCenter I would most likely not have read it, since I wouldn't have seen it, or if I had, guessed that it had something to do with Windows.

On the dev-note: you mean "Inside Odeo", "Music Gadgets", "Going to the movies...", "Tweaking Tiger Mail", "Syncing iTunes", "Introduction to Tiger terminal, pt2", "Ten Powerpoint tips", seven of the last ten articles on MacDevCenter? Not very much dev there, wouldn't you say? As for the other three, one is this article, and the two other are more or less dev.