Apache Web-Serving With Mac OS X, Part 5
Subject:   "Can't connect to mysql.."
Date:   2002-03-12 16:05:21
From:   curran_riley
Response to: "Can't connect to mysql.."

I too am getting this (on a home pc - work pc install went off without a hitch).

I've gone through the steps a couple of times now - but when I enter the third command for the package install, I get:

Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /usr/local/mysql/data
./bin/safe_mysqld: command not found: tee [275]
./bin/safe_mysqld: command not found: tee [276]

I must be missing something - but I've created the mysql user, run the package install, and executed the first 2 commands. But something about that 3rd one doesn't go. Any ideas?

The error log has entries like this:

020312 17:58:03 mysqld started
./bin/safe_mysqld: command not found: nohup [235]

P.S. - great series of articles - love having Apache, CGI, and PHP running with so little effort!

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