A RAW Look at iPhoto 5
Subject:   iphoto 5
Date:   2005-07-11 15:27:19
From:   greenlite
As a professional photographer, I was very suprised and pleased, to learn I could download RAW files into iphoto. I 'm a firm beliver in capture in RAW then process out to the file type of your fancy, saving the RAW as a digital negative. While no replacement for Camera Raw in Photoshop, I was impressed with the image adjustments available. I was disappointed however, in that I can no longer shoot tethered, as I had in past versions of iphoto. Granted, I had to shoot jpegs but I could view large images on my laptop seconds after making the exposure and know that I had it and could move on, or if I needed make adjustments to exposue or composition or go for another expression if shooting portraits. I currently use Canon DPP when shooting tethered but in my opinion its's a little clumsy and tempremental. I would love to be able to shoot tethered in RAW mode into iphoto for capture and process later in Photoshop Camera RAW. Oh well, maybe iphoto 6? Please enlighten me if I have overlooked something.