The Changing Mac Community
Subject:   Almost ready for OSX
Date:   2002-03-13 09:21:10
From:   unixgeek
Spiritually, I'm ready for OSX. As an age-old UNIX geek who also dabbles in various digital media pursuits, it's a dream come true for me when marrying the OS with graphic/multimedia apps and a decent UNIX underpinning. While at Sun many years ago, I'd often wondered why Sun wouldn't drop a lot of it's old and unsuccessful efforts trying to make it's UI "easy to use" and just partner with Apple to do something like OSX to counter Microsoft. Touche Steve Jobs and Apple!

I've also struggled at home many years with WinX OS's, and in the process have invested in many applications from companies like Adobe and Macromedia that do more what I want than freeware alternatives on Linux (which I also have a box running at home). I and many others in my situation really want to make the switch now and avoid XP! I think it's no coincidence that Bill Gates pushed XP out the door earlier and end-of-lifed support for older WinX OS's soon to try and grab people like me onto XP as soon as possible, when faced with the growing competition from Apple's OSX.

Getting a new Mac box at home isn't the problem. I'm resigned to having to buy a new hardware box and peripherals every few years to keep up-to-date much as one would buy a new car periodically. The big problem is moving my application investments over to OSX. I really want OSX for the main reason that it is the first UNIX OS that will make owning apps like Photoshop and Dreamweaver, etc. on it practical. However, an "upgrade" to Photoshop 7 on the Mac from my current Photoshop 5.5 (which would involve purchasing a full package from Adobe) would appear a lot more costly than upgrading to Photoshop 7 on XP.

At the crossroads for many Windows OS users who wish to avoid XP, I'm not sure why Apple isn't more aggressive about "persuading" it's key ISV's like Macromedia and Adobe towards offering competitive upgrades for users who want to switch from PC's to Apple. I'm not going to buy a Photoshop upgrade (PC or Mac) or other upgrades until the smoke clears, so Adobe is losing money instead of gaining money with me by not offering such an upgrade). I cannot afford to invest in new licenses on a Mac for all of my apps. All it takes is one or two decent success stories in this area (where a company like Adobe shows they make more money by adopting this strategy), and other companies will follow if they see a trend of more users coming over to OSX. I'll see that as a potential trend, get an OSX platform and get that upgrade now and run the others under windows emulation until they follow suit.

If there is a time to try and make it easier to move from Windows to OSX, now would be the time to do so. I wonder if Apple is afraid of MS pulling the plug on IE and Office apps, etc. on OSX if they were to become aggressive in this fashion. All the more reason that I hope that the 9 dissenting states in the latest anti-trust court battle hold onto that requirement that MS be required to still offer Office and IE, etc. on the Mac.

Then the consumer might have more of a chance to make the choice they really want in an OS!