Learning the Mac OS X Terminal: Part 1
Subject:   Even nitpickier
Date:   2002-03-13 12:12:02
From:   socokid
First of all. THANK YOU. This was a well thought out beginners tutorial. It helped me quite a bit.

I merely wanted to point out that in your instruction, you stated that we were going to set the weekly time to Monday at 8:50, and yet in the code, you switch to Tuesday. It took me a minute to figure that one out. I went back to make sure you said that 6 was Satruday, making 7 Sunday, and therefore Monday should be 1, but I saw you using 2, and it temporarily made my brain freeze. You simply switched days in the middle of the instruction, no big deal, but it was the only inconsistancy, and it made me stop in my tracks, which were well oiled due to outstanding instruction otherwise.

So, no big deal, just wanted to point it out, and again. THANK YOU.