Review: Olympus DS-2 Stereo Voice Recorder
Subject:   DS-20 = 2 x DS-2?
Date:   2005-07-14 12:46:00
From:   DavidBattino
Response to: DS-20

Ah. this one ( ? When I was writing the review, that model seemed to be available only in Japan (see here ( ). I mentioned it obliquely in the second paragraph of the “Hello, Computer” section above, but should have added a link.

The thing was, I didn’t know if the DS-20 was coming to the States. Just after receiving the DS-2 for review, I saw a news release for the WS-200S ( , which seemed like a better fit for mobile recordists because of the smaller size, integrated USB plug, and bigger memory (128MB, like the DS-20). So I asked Olympus’s PR firm if I should send back the DS-2 and review the WS-200S instead. The rep told me to go ahead with the DS-2 review, because the WS-200S wouldn’t be available for a while and then only through select RadioShack outlets.

As it turned out, the WS did become more widely available (I bought mine at Amazon), but I was going on what I knew at the time.

As always with tech, there’s something slightly better just around the corner, but by waiting, you miss out on doing cool stuff now. Because the DS-2 and DS-20 store sound so efficiently, I don't know if the extra 64MB of memory is worth the $50 difference in price. Depending on how much audio you record at once, you might be better off spending that on a lavaliere mic.

The DS-2 vs. the WS-200S makes a more interesting comparison; there are some unexpected benefits to each. I’ll post my findings here shortly. David Battino (