Learning the Mac OS X Terminal, Part 2
Subject:   Just won't work
Date:   2002-03-13 18:58:33
From:   DouglasCWard
This is a very good, informative article. Unfortunately, I just can't seem to get my to receive the mail sent to root. I''ve been through the article five times now, and I'm just not geting it. I noticed that I can "view activity" when running "Get Mail". It shows my checking my POP account, but it doesn't show that it is even checking my UNIX account? I've run the chmod command to change permissions, but prhaps sendmail still isn't running? Any clues?

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  1. Just won't work
    2002-03-28 15:27:20  mikael [View]

    • Just won't work
      2002-04-03 15:01:07  metheus [View]

      • Just won't work
        2002-04-12 20:07:24  sfn [View]

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