Weblog:   OSCON Blogging
Subject:   I'll be there also
Date:   2005-07-14 13:32:27
From:   roger69
Unfortunately I can't make it for the tutorials, but I will get there Tuesday afternoon in time to see the evening extravaganza.

My focus is networking and systems, and since I work for an ISP I'm trying to focus on things that apply to what I do or what our company wants to do. I'm going to try and blog what I can. Sometimes I just don't want to take notes in a presentation.

Here's the sessions I'm going to:

Wednesday Aug 3
VoIP Is The New Black
Current State of the Linux Kernel
Write Your Own Monitor with RRDTOOL
Writing & Instigating O'Reilly Books
OSS Data Backup

Thursday Aug 4
You Had Me At HELO
Failover Firewalls
Attack & Penetration
Using Apache/PHP To Defend Your Systems
Running With Scissors
Security Logs

Friday Aug 5
Filtering The Future
Hacking Your Home Phone System