Art and Computer Programming
Subject:   (programming(computers) == *art) ? so : what
Date:   2005-07-17 14:23:06
From:   saschabrossmann
i just don't get it. this debate has been surfacing every now and then since decades and each time seems to miss the very obvious (to my eyes, that is): it confuses means with their respective ends and accordingly leads to: nowhere. let's face it: the question whether programming is similar to art is not decidable on the grounds on which it is commonly discussed: those are incomparable categories.

you might use programming for works of art, you might use programming for works of design and engineering and you might use programming just to entertain yourself and have a good time and many things more. and in that very way it is comparable to painting, to sketching, to writing, to welding or whatever craft is appropriate for the desired outcome. yes, craft. nothing to be ashamed of.

and if you still want to compare, please start comparing purposes.