Is Perl Still Relevant?
Subject:   Some objective, empirical evidence
Date:   2005-07-18 11:51:20
From:   AdrienLamothe
Response to: Some objective, empirical evidence

Well, a huge majority of people eat fast food, which doesn't make such food particularly nutritious. My experience is that most companies don't avail themselves of the best solutions, and that there is a time lag before a good tool achieves widespread use. I believe that most people purchase programming books for their jobs or to augment their skills to acquire a job.

I like both Perl and Python, but when faced with the choice of choosing which to use for a critical piece of an e-commerce site I had to go with Python because of the strong exception handling (breadth and syntactic ease.) Losing data was unacceptable, and too many things can go wrong over a network, which made comprehensive error-trapping necessary.

We need more decision-makers to read sites like this, so they understand the choices available and can make better informed decisions, rather than play it safe and follow the herd.

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  1. Some objective, empirical evidence
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