Clustering with JBoss/Jetty
Subject:   Synchronization Question
Date:   2002-03-15 07:27:04
From:   chetan6
We are also trying to achieve strict synchorinzed/serialized access as described in the article.

In that context I have a quick question.

Is is possible that Once a lock is issued (due to "select for update..", the lock will never be released? I mean let's say after the "select for update.." was issued, the appserver crashed.

Will the database rollback the transaction and thus release the lock or will that lock be there forever.

I know you might think this is kind of stupid question in the sense that since the database does not get a commit, in theory there should not be a lock placed in the first place but I have heard that oracle does sometime not unlock the record or table.

Let me know if you have experienced any such kind of an issue with your implementation.

Thanks for your time.