What Is Business Process Modeling
Subject:   Using outdated version of BPMN Process Modeler
Date:   2005-07-21 01:42:58
From:   Manfred_Sturm
Hi Mike,

first of all, I like your article and thanks for using and mentioning Process Modeler. Please allow me to drop some comments:

Your figures 3 and 4 show diagrams of an outdated version of ITP-commerce Process Modeler (formerly owned by ITpearls) and so is your summary (p.3) on Process Modeler :-/

Back in 2004, the Professional Edition 2.0 already delivered a fully automated BPEL 1.1 export according to the mapping suggested by the BPMN 1.0 specificattion, which btw nicely integrates with Oracle BPEL Designer.

See also Bruce Silver's article on current PM2.1:

Today, PM2.1 BPMN diagrams may even be exported to WfMC's XPDL 1.0 format.

P.S.: You may consider revising your article, which btw shows a syntactically invalid BPMN diagram in figure 4?

I'm looking forward to get a copy of your upcoming book and let me know, if I can be of any assistance.

Manfred Sturm
Product Management

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  1. Using outdated version of BPMN Process Modeler
    2005-07-28 05:38:16  Michael Havey | O'Reilly Author [View]

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