Creating Toolbars for Mac OS X
Subject:   drag and drop controls
Date:   2002-03-17 11:39:07
From:   mikebeam
Response to: drag and drop controls

Are you refering to the ability to drag controls from the customization palette to the toolbar, or to add third-party controls to the application's customization palette. Cocoa toolbars allow a user to to drag and drop toolbar controls from the palette to the toolbar, but do not allow sharing of controls between applications.

Now, it would be possible for a developer to design and implement a toolbar item plugin specification which anyone could implement and thus add custom controls to an application's repertoire of toolbar items. One of the upcoming columns will show how Cocoa's plugin architecture works, and how simple it is to define and support a plugin specification. With that knowledge it should be too difficult ot set up one for your application to add toolbar items.

This is convenient for us developers, but i agree, that it would be pretty nice to have this kind of support built into Cocoa and be able to add toolbar controls to apps at will.