Bean-Managed Transaction Suspension in J2EE
Subject:   Point?
Date:   2005-07-22 09:13:56
From:   hbarua
Response to: Point?

>> This article explains exactly that - how to do >>it when you need it.
Yes it makes sense from that perspective. Thanks for pointing it out.

>>I think it's important for developers to >>understand internal 'kitchen' of framework >>they're using and possible problems/limitations >>it imposes.
Absolutely agree with this.

>>J2EE spec is not a dogma, and looking up TM >>doesn't make your code less portable than say >>using container-specific deployment descriptors.

I didn't say it's a dogma - the nonportability can come about because certain appservers might have restrictions on the methods you can use on the exposed Transaction Manager. As long as it's not a standard one can never be safe in assuming it.

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