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Subject:   Apple right where it should be
Date:   2002-03-17 19:54:09
From:   grangera
There's so much I want to say regarding the state of Apple and its loyal customers in this new era of Mac OS X. However, I'm rather pressed for time, so I'll make just one observation, in very simple and direct terms:

I've been an Apple user since my Apple II+ in 1980, and have been an unswerving Mac user since my original 128k Mac in December 1984. When I first saw the original NeXT cube in a computer lab at Indiana University sometime in 1989, my first reaction was "this is what the Mac always wanted to be." When Apple chose to buy NeXT over Be, I was indescribably thrilled.

And now that Mac OS X is here and is standard on all new Macs, I feel like I'm finally home.

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  1. Apple right where it should be
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