A Chat on the Wonders of iTools
Subject:   iTools is slow...from a Mac
Date:   2002-03-18 01:21:14
From:   sjakelien
You are right that iTools is a Good Thing®, but unfortunately, it's too slow to work with (at least from Europe). And there are some suspicious circumstances:
The lack of speed I describe is noticable if you hit Command Option I in OSX. Listing files in the directories is just unbearably slow.
If you access your iDisk from Windows, as described in your article, the iDisk is much more responsive.
The same so, if you use any recent Adobe product, with the built-in WorkGroup commands (Adobe loves WebDAV): instant file listing.
So what's wrong here: Apple' s WebDAV client in OSX? I advise anyone to use Goliath as a WebDAV client, rather than the Finder