Automated Backups on Tiger Using rsync
Subject:   how do you restore the files?
Date:   2005-07-24 05:37:03
From:   Corvus
Response to: how do you restore the files?

Good point thomasyung, I apologise for not including this in the article.

The backup files are just copies; to restore a single old file, simplty drag it normally from the Finder.

To restore everything from backup, run rsync in reverse. In my case:
rsync -aE --delete /Volumes/FW200/Backups/rdhough/ ~.

Note the "/" at the end of the backup folder name! This means to back up only the contained files, not the enclosing folder. You need to do this since your machine will already have a home folder on it.

This is a rather dangerous command to experiment with. If you just want to test it on a sample folder, do something like:
rsync -aE --delete /Volumes/FW200/Backups/rdhough/Documents/SampleFolder ~/Documents.

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