Automated Backups on Tiger Using rsync
Subject:   rsync to, e.g., Linux server with -E
Date:   2005-07-24 11:29:23
From:   Corvus
Response to: rsync to, e.g., Linux server with -E

As you say, that would only be required if you want to sync to a remote machine, one not mounted as a local filesystem. The article only describes backing up to a locally-mounted filesystem. Backing up to a remote machine is quite an involved project, worthy of an article in itself.

However, your post mentions one brilliant idea which I urge everyone to adopt. The --exclude=Library/Caches option will skip cache files, which are huge and do not require backing up. This can be incorporated into the original command as:

rsync -aE --delete exclude=Library/Caches ~ /Volumes/FW200/Backups

Would it not be better to use --exclude=Library/Caches/, with a trailing "/", to include the (admittedly, unlikely) case of a Library file named "Caches"?

In any case, this simple change will save me hundreds of MB in backup space. Thanks iikka!

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  1. rsync to, e.g., Linux server with -E
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