Automated Backups on Tiger Using rsync
Subject:   With ssh it looks better
Date:   2005-07-25 00:05:55
From:   Alexander_Lamb
Hello again.
I tried using ssh to perform a backup (instead of mounting a remote drive). Well, apart from some issued because I don't have a DNS server (so I had to put an IP address) and a small bug with the -b option (path is wrong in that case), the rsync went to the end without any problem.
Therefore I believe there is a real problem with rsync when mounting a drive from the network (smb or afp).

Regarding my remark on another reply, saying things were horribly slow while using rsync, well, it could be related to Spotlight. Indeed, although rsync is not supposed to change anything on your files, I have the feeling it does which triggers a tremendous activity from Spotlight.