The Page Turn Effect in Flash MX
Subject:   Example
Date:   2005-07-27 09:36:46
From:   maafan
Response to: Example

hi, thank ou for sharing your example - it's really cool!
I have a question, if you don't mind sharing, what was your starting point version? the o'reilly (pageturn) code or the hungarian verion (pageflip2.13)?
if it is o'reilly. how did you aff reverse paging?
if it is pageflip, how did you add the shadow effect?
I am using the o'reilly version, i have hard time to support double-sided turning, i added an array of backpages, they so show up while turning the page but then I always get the same page on the left hand. could you help me out?
also how do i support back paging?
i would appreciate your reply here or
many many thanks!

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