Live Backups of MySQL Using Replication
Subject:   Partial replication
Date:   2005-07-28 12:33:56
From:   Andrew_
After reading the entire article I still have a question in mind. Iíll explain you my setup and could you could tell me if itís something possible to do replication in these conditions?

1- One MySQL server in production environment (with 4 databases in it)

2- One MySQL in development environment which contains more databases than the production server (7 instead of 4)

I would like to replicate my production server on my development server to be able to take a backup without shutting down my prod server but I still want to use my three other development databases. So does the two servers need to have the same number of databases in it or it doesn't matter?

From my point of view, it shouldnít work because it uses the masterís binary log but I would like to know your opinion on that guys.

Thank you