Inventing the Future
Subject:   A fascinating article
Date:   2005-07-29 09:11:46
From:   Luxzenburg
I think the author makes some very good points and I'm pleased to read them as I use the IT sector as an example for other sectors when it comes to innovation. As well as I advice clients to take at least a look at open source for their development! In my latest article Is Our Beer Your Beer? ( I discuss the implication of open source and the new developments of the internet as example for the consulting bizz.

Can we redefine our business models and profit models according to the open source analogy? Same counts for our economies. As the first reply states that the USA economy is based on exclusion, "closed source' or propietary rights, debts and lay-off whereas the Asian economies (I wouldn't include Russia) are based on inclusion, open source, massive employment and autonomous accumulation of wealth not based on loans! It's the difference between Capitalism and Socialism, but contrary to Europe, where socialism appeared as inflexible the Asian socialism is less ideology driven and more flexible!

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  1. A fascinating article
    2005-07-29 09:18:56  Luxzenburg [View]

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