Creating Toolbars for Mac OS X
Subject:   mainWindow not in your code
Date:   2002-03-20 21:35:21
From:   psheldon
At least not in original project. I didn't use the link you put in the current column. I added mainWindow as an outlet in controller and modified controller.h to declare this IB outlet of type NSWindow*. I'm getting my ap vanishing on launch, sometimes.
I'll continue reading the column and putting in code, but I might not see what is going on.
When storytelling festival in Denton is over, I may have to download Mike's starting point for this article so I won't go off on a tangent and start "tabla rasa" or "redo". Didn't ever try a redo in cocoa. Redo's are much easier than first time around because the major work is making decisions involved in comprehending the reading and writing the code.
So, for now, is the starter project different from where we left off?

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  1. mainWindow is in your code
    2002-03-20 21:52:20  psheldon [View]

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