Dynamic HTML Tables: Improving Performance
Subject:   Tale Manupilating Example
Date:   2005-07-31 04:31:46
From:   basark
i have created a text box,two radio buttons,three list boxes(of same name),three checkboxes(of same name) and a textarea, totally five elements named as NAME,GENDER,DOB,LANGUAGES AND COMMENTS.

And i have created a table with five columns
with NAME,GENDER,DOB,LANGUAGES AND COMMENTS as the five column heads

i created four buttons namely ADD,UPDATE,DELETE AND CLEAR
when i click add the values of the five elements should be inserted into the table
so are update,delete and clear

But the biggest problem is that when i click in any part of the table the values of that particular row should be displayed in the respective five elements above.
Can u provide me the code for that
i would be very grateful for u if u can provide me the code within 12 hours, because it can decide my getting a JOB

rama krishna basa