What Is Flickr (and Hot Tips for Using It)
Subject:   URL isn't the same as your screen name
Date:   2005-08-03 02:38:17
From:   blech
One of the few real niggles I have with Flickr is that, contrary to what Giles says at the top of page 2, the URL for your photos is not /photos/username; it starts off as a UID, like /photos/48600109393@N01

There's a reason for this (your screen name isn't permanent, but your URL is), but you do have to grub around in the settings (sorry, I can't remember where), and if your username is already in use for that part of the URL, you may have to use something different there.

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  1. URL isn't the same as your screen name
    2005-08-12 20:07:29  phool4XC [View]

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