JBoss: Sun Needs Us
Subject:   Lay it on a little thicker, why don't you
Date:   2002-03-22 14:01:41
From:   mattd2
I use JBoss every day, but frankly Fleury and his politicking is getting a little old.

Let's set the record straight shall we? First of all, Sun is not "blocking" you from getting certification. It costs $20k and you don't want to pay. If you have a complaint about the cost, fine, but don't feed us crap about Sun preventing the little guy from succeeding. That's bull. And besides, you have options, ask everyone who uses JBoss to contribute $1. With 100,000 downloads a month, it would take no time at all. Then cease accepting donations when you reach $20k. I know I'd contribute to getting this product certified, just so I don't have to hear people complain about that anymore, even though I know it's the best product out there.

Second, as to Jetty. I'd be much happier if you DIDN'T make that choice. While your hot deploy works nicely for deploying servlets/JSP, Jetty documentation sucks and if you follow their instructions all you end up with is a lot of frustration. I'm also not convinced that Jetty gives you the performance that Tomcat does.

Third, I'm tired of Fleury politicking all over. Your attitude and self-contgratulatory manner are annoying to say the least. I don't trust you. I get the distinct feeling you will destroy JBoss by either making it public, or making development and deployment so political that you alienate everyone.


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