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  Give Your Business Logic a Framework with Drools
Subject:   is that really any easier?
Date:   2005-08-04 05:22:02
From:   paul_browne
Response to: is that really any easier?

The follow up to this article makes the case even clearer in an Enterprise Java setting , with Frameworks (Struts-Drools-Hibernate) combined to remove the need for a lot of repetitive 'infastructure' type code.

The intention is to extract the business rules from the java code , in a format that non-java people , such as Business analysts can understand. As such , the choice of formats would be XML , Database or some sort of text file (as used by Jess.

There are tools such as DRL Assistant (http://www.zymose.com/faq.html) that can hide the XML format for these business users.

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      2005-08-08 13:44:43  paul_browne [View]

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