Give Your Business Logic a Framework with Drools
Subject:   Business Users
Date:   2005-08-04 08:24:20
From:   paul_browne
Response to: Business Users

I wrote these articles based on experience as a Java / J2EE developer , so 'us' is very much from that viewpoint. Given that 'Java-only' developers must implement business rules anyway , using the Drools framework offers gains in time , flexibility, resuability , testability and easier maintenence.
Like all frameworks, the choice of using a Rules Engine or not will vary by project , organisation and skillsets available.
The aim of the article was not to entice business users to use Drools (I don't think that many of them read O'Reilly!) , but if that is the way you would like to use Drools , one tool that may help is the Drools-Excel Integration ( .
Paul Browne (

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