Weblog:   OSCON 3.5: Writing, Reviewing, and Instigating O'Reilly Books: Will, Skill and Time
Subject:   Find the right people to help
Date:   2005-08-04 10:50:45
From:   brian_d_foy
You really don't have to know the information cold before you write the book as long as you know it cold by the time you finish. Many good books started with all of the passion and a lot of good reviewers, even though the author didn't have all the subject under his control just yet.

It's not even close to a talk, which happens in real time and on the spot (although you can practice and refine that too :)

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  1. Geoff Broadwell photo Find the right people to help
    2005-08-04 19:20:12  Geoff Broadwell | [View]

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