The Virtual Internship: Take Control of Your Future by Becoming an Open Source Developer
Subject:   re: not that easy
Date:   2005-08-07 01:00:56
From:   dougaus
Response to: not that easy

jwenting, perhaps no one has responded thus far because no one will dignify this with a response. There are many Open Source projects it would be worth being connected to: probably any of Mozilla's , any of Apache's, any of GNU's, then theres PERL, PHP, Phython, Ruby, GNOME, KDE, Linux, BSD to name but a few. But the list goes on and on. The projects I have named are interesting, successful, very relevant, working and long-lived but there are many, many more -- they know who they are! As far as exposure goes, it seems pretty much based on your contribution which is probably as fair a means as possible.