What Is Preview (and Why You Should Use It)
Subject:   Why on God's Green Earth....
Date:   2005-08-07 21:17:35
From:   brianimator2
Preview can capture screenshots by selecting the Grab utility under its File menu.

Why use Grab??? - I see this all the time.

Apple+Shift+(3 or 4) offer sweet screengrab capabilities... With 3, you get your basic "Print Screen" type of screengrab, which results in "Picture1" saved to your desktop. The fun begins when using 4. Using this key combination, you are presented with crosshairs which you can drag-select the content you wish to capture, creating the file on your desktop... cool. What may be even cooler, is what happens when you tap your spacebar while the crosshairs are up. You now get a camera icon which can be used to grab application-specific screens, dialog boxes, drop-down menus, etc. One more option to consider is to hold down your Ctrl key while doing any of the above options (except the Apple+Shift+3 combo). This copies whatever you've captured to the clipboard. You can now paste at will. Preview offers you the option "New From Clipboard" or Apple+N. This can also be cool when iChatting - just paste directly into the text entry field, Enter, and voila, you've just sent the image to the person you're talking to....

Am I missing something?

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