Apache Web-Serving With Mac OS X, Part 5
Subject:   Adobe Golive 6 - How To - Please...
Date:   2002-03-25 07:44:53
From:   redleader
Hi kevin,

Can we please have a short artcile on connecting Adobe Golive 6 to our mySQL / PHP setup as per your articles.

I guess most of us will be developing on the same Mac as we've done your setup's here.

The GL6 manual is a bit fuzzy and we seem to get access restrictions when connecting to mySQL via. Golive. and creating GL's PHP control files.

I'm sure it's just an IP / Apache config thingy...but I'm a blind newbie..

:-) Thanks.

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  1. Adobe Golive 6 - How To - Please...
    2002-04-24 09:46:51  medazinol [View]

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