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Subject:   Evil Hierarchy vs. Good Tags
Date:   2005-08-08 12:23:13
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Peter Merholz takes on anti-ontological ideology in Clay Shirky's Viewpoints are Overrated. Clay's whole argument predicates a black-and-white distinction between evil hierarchy on one side and good tags on the other... And while Clay is right to question hierarchy, and, particularly, Yahoo's less-than-optimal use of it, he neglects to distinguish truly useful forms of professionally-created classification and categorization, which undermines his argument. Source: One thing that disturbs me about attacks on organized classification schemes (in general) is the ease in which decades of thinking and research are cast aside in favor of trendy, book-selling concepts of the moment. Emergent phenomena is one oft-cited alternative to a standards-driven semantic web. These are simple formats that are sloppily extensible. Anyone who wants to can use these formats to consume content or to author content. Contrast this with the Semantic Web, which requires that you get a large group of people to agree on the schema of everything. Source: OnLamp Here's a revolutionary concept: bottom-up and top-down approaches to developing theory and technology are not mutually exclusive....