Top Ten Data Crunching Tips and Tricks
Subject:   On the tools to learn
Date:   2005-08-09 00:04:12
From:   Paddy3118
I do most of my datatransformation/crunching work on Unix.
I do beleive you should learn the tools available but I would change the list:

I have not found much use for cut over the years

Because I'm that old, I first learned AWK and
still use it extensively, even though I also
know perl.

If your writting out data then try and write it
in a way suitable for an AWK program to read it.
I've always found that AWK-able data formats are
easy to parse in perl, python, tcl, bash, and C.
(This assumes that you can set the data output

A bit of context: I'm in the Electronic Design Automation field, where a lot of tools come with in-built tcl interpreters, data is often in indented lisp-like lists, AWK-able tables, and machine generated programming code in Verilog or VHDL.

- Paddy.