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Subject:   We dont need and office desktop - we need an office browser suite!
Date:   2005-08-09 04:06:58
From:   TomPotts
Having 25 years of computing experience I am always amused by the fact that the current ‘office’ offerings result in vast amounts of disconnected data spread over many machines, solving none of the problems they purport to do – crap data management is crap data management no matter how pretty it looks or how much disk it takes.

Having seen and the ease with which this can be embedded into a document control system I feel the effort currently ‘wasted’ on emulating the Microsoft approach is keeping computing in the 1980’s. I have seen ‘useable’ javascript Spreadsheets and there are many web database front ends. Graphics/Presentations should not be a great problem. Integrate all those into a web front end for either single machine or Net usage and the world is your oyster….

A usable browser fronted ‘office suite’ would almost completely remove the need for ‘users’ to upgrade their machines thus increasing the likelyhood of company adoption.. Laptop/Roaming users should have a server/client machine that syncs to the main ‘server’ at every opportunity and the main server can easily be cobbled together using mysql/apache,directory services and (perhaps) .net/mono for driving it.