What's New For Developers in QuickTime
Subject:   Thanks!
Date:   2005-08-09 20:59:32
From:   HiRez
Really good article, Chris, thank you for it. I hope you will write more that go into even more depth for some specific functions. I'm already using the new audio metering and metadata capabilities. One thing I'm wondering is how the QT metadata relates to the regular Finder/Spotlight metadata that one can get from mdls (command-line tool) or MDItemCopyAttributes (Carbon). They seem to have some overlap, but not be quite the same. And they're both somewhat different from the data that iTunes has in its database. Apple seems to be using a lot of confusingly overlapping metadata systems. I hope in the future they'll make a single, consistent system across the system, and make a simple Objective-C API to access it (NSMetadataQuery is pretty complex for just accessing a file's metadata).