Top Ten Digital Photography Tips
Subject:   Digital Camera
Date:   2005-08-09 22:06:20
From:   fhotoace
Response to: Digital Camera

Months later, but someone may want to know this ...

“The camera will be used for indoor photos, mainly for household goods to make a catalogue. Any tips?”

The one great thing about digital cameras is you can change ISO settings and light source settings in the middle of a shoot. That said, here is some good news. There is a local FDA certified lab that shoots their own point of purchase photos which are then added to the bottles of the product they produce. When they first started doing this, they used a Nikon Coolpix 990, a seamless table top and three incandescent lights with soft boxes. You would never know it to see the final images used at the point of purchase.

Now studios use Canon or Nikon DSLR’s for the quick and easy table shots or larger format cameras like the Mamiya, Contax 645’s or Hasselblad with digital backs. Tungsten lighting is the least expensive setup, but if you have the budget, go for some nice Norman studio strobes and wireless remotes on your cameras.