Stateful Session EJBs: Beasts of Burden
Subject:   What about nearly static data?
Date:   2005-08-10 11:44:25
From:   palaniappan.rajaram
Response to: What about nearly static data?

Hello Jonathan,

Three and half years later I'm faced with the same design issue. I too have some static data which change once in a few days, in the middle of the regular hours of operation. Obviously, restarting when many users are logged in, is not an option.

Have you found a better solution than a singleton? That was my original approach but refresh became a hassle. Now, I'm debating if I should use a "stateless" session bean (just one instance of it) which should have the following:

- hashtable for the objects from the database
- public getter method to retrieve an object
- refresh method which when called should block access to the getter method until refresh is completed

I would appreciate any feedback that you can provide.