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  POJO Application Frameworks: Spring Vs. EJB 3.0
Subject:   Will EJB 3.0 run in any Servlet Container?
Date:   2005-08-13 10:20:54
From:   alexisk
Response to: Will EJB 3.0 run in any Servlet Container?

Yes, it will (it should)...
EJB 3.0 is embeddable like it is said in the specifications! So you can embed EJB in Tomcat...

One thing: EJB 3.0 and Spring have really different usages and they are more complementary than concurrent:

EJB allow with RMI to send object over the network, does spring has this feature? I don't believe, the fact is the you fight on some fonctionnalities which are provided by both, but EBJ is in my mind a very different thing than Spring!!

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