Revitalizing the Pay-Per-Call System
Subject:   Premium SMS is trouble
Date:   2005-08-15 06:58:49
From:   kalpana7
Response to: Premium SMS is trouble

I disagree that pay per text would be used excessively for "smut." Rather, the most sought after item for sale is information. People pay an incredible amount of money for information. Because the average mobile phone do not offer the resolution required to browse websites for information on the go, people can send questions and recieve text messages at a fee. This can be an extrememly lucrative new way to sell information. Pay-per-text can revolutionize the way people seek information when not locked down at the computer terminal.

The main problem now is most telecommunication companies have stopped providing billing for pay--per-call services. Instead the service provider must bill customers via the telephone bills. So, here yet is another service, the pay per text billing services! If these companies already exist, it would interesting to learn about them, as pay-per-text will be huge!